Global Defense

Faux cover for the Global Defense series by The Wilky Bar Kid

Global Defense is a series of one-shot and short-shot stories written by the 'The Wilky Bar Kid' and set in the D5 universe centered around the Global Defense Department on pre-1st Cylon War era Caprica hence they are considered to be part of the Battlestar Hermes timeline despite being 'Caprica' stories. Like Battlestar Hermes , the main protagonist is a member of the Bowman family.

Radical DepartureEdit

The Global Defense series is a radical departure from the rest of the D5 universe for several reasons.

Firstly, they have been written in the first person viewpoint rather than the third person such as Hermes/Victorious. Each of the stories are told in the past tense from the perspetive of the protagonist, Jack Bowman. Jack is the only Bowman protagonist not to seve in the military.

Secondly, the stories appear on’s Caprica page rather than the Battlestar Galactica 2003 page.


The stories revolve around Global Defense Department Agent Jack Bowman in the months following the S.T.O. bombing of Maglev Train 23. Some stories tie-in directly with the series while others are totally independent. They are intended to flesh out the investigation by the G.D.D. into the S.T.O. terrorist organization.


The main theme revolves around the personal and professional lives of the Caprica City bureau of the G.D.D. as they investigate the S.T.O. in the wake of the Maglev Train 23 bombing.

A predominant theme in the stories is the discrimination that monotheists suffer because of being associated with the STO purely because of their beliefs. This was deliberately intended to mirror the real-world discrimination many Muslims have experienced since the World Trade Centre bombings in 2001.

A theme that emerges in later stories is just how far Public Security and Police forces should be allowed to go in order to protect the public. This is highlighted when the characters become involved in assassinations of S.T.O. members.

Published StoriesEdit

Global Defense: Two Sides of the Same CoinEdit

Someone is assassinating STO members in Caprica City. Agent Jack Bowman of the GDD is at the scene of the latest killing.

Global Defense: The DefectorEdit

After the failed raids on the Athena Academy and the Graystone's house, Agent Jack Bowman thinks they may have reached a turning point when they receive word that an STO member wants protection in exchange for information.

Global Defense: The Truth in PrejudiceEdit

The day before Special Agent Duram makes an important press conference regarding the STO, Agents Bowman and Ratliff make a surprising discovery that could change everything.

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