A Green Army car bomb

The Green Army was an eco-terrorist group on Scorpia opposed to the vast deforestation of the planet's jungles by off-world companies.


The group first appeared approximately twenty years before 'The Fall'. Off-world companies were plundering the natural resources of Scorpia's vast jungles and locals were opposed to this. The group began life as an organized protesters but this quickly grew into acts of civil disobedience.


Green Army war

For five years Colonial Forces fought the Green Army

The protests and acts of disobedience turned violent on several occasions. During one protest in the Demeter Jungle five members of the Green Army were killed by security personnel protecting the workers. These five members became known as the Green Five and were heralded as martyrs. The Green Army now turned to open violence as they quickly gained popular support on their homeworld following the killing of the Green Five.

The Troops Go InEdit

The Colonial Government wanted to stamp out the Green Army quickly and sent the troops in. What began as a simple environmental issue was now bordering on civil war. For five years the Colonial Forces fought a pitched battle against the Green Army before finally the eco-terrorist group was routed and defeated. The greatest tragedy however is that although they were defeated they were ultiamtely successful in their aims. The bulk of off-world forestry companies decided to leave the colony and those that remained were forced to employ locals thus improving Scorpia's economy.


Both the Green Army and the Government backed forces were accused of atrocities during the course of the war. Due to its illegal nature it was often the Green Army who received the blame for much of these acts although post-war investigations revealed that there was enough blame to go around on both sides.


Among those who fought the Green Army were;

- General Jonas Sano

- Caleb Dytto

- Keene Barron  

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