The Colonial Guardian is a type ship in the Battlestar Hyperion Series written by Jim Quigley.


Guardian Class Escort

The Colonial Guardian is mostly relegated to in-system and shipping lane patrol duty and is usually the first line of defense against attacks. Though they are not designed for prolonged combat, their speed gives them the ability to escape all but the fastest ships. In fleet actions they are typically used as fast destroyers, hunting targets alone or in packs.

Colonial Guardian (Guardian Class) Tech Details:Edit

  • Single Hanger/Cargo bay
  • A Guardian has 8 rail gun turrets.
  • 60 point-defence turrets
  • Normally assigned a crew of over two hundred when on standard patrol.
  • Normally assigned six vipers and two Mark II shuttles.
  • Single FTL drive system.
  • Commanding officer normally holds the rank of Colonel. (But referred as commander when addressed by the crew.)
  • Guardians are not considered a capital vessel.

Todd Boyce designed the Protector, Defender and Guardian class ships at the ravensbranch websiteEdit

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