Gunstar Vigilant 2

Gunstar Vigilant

The Gunstar Vigliant is a Guardian Class Gunstar. It Commanding officer is Colonel Marco Hall and had a crew compliment of 500. Along with four shuttle craft and a jump range of 90 stellar units (SU).

The Guardian Class, in simple terms, is a sucker punch ship. They have an ECM suite that essentially renders her invisible to Dradis. Not a cloaking device because the ship can still be seen with the naked eye. It does have the Stealth capabilities of the Stealth Star though. They are loaded with ver y few point defense weapons which means she has to run when attacked, but she does have numerous long range missiles with high yield payloads. They will appear in system with their ECM suite activated, target a ship and hit it with missiles giving the enemy little to no chance to defend against it. They also have a spy suite aboard to monitor signals from the enemy or observe distant targets.

Enought consumables for two years.

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