The Hades Class Basestar Mark IA was the first Cylon Basestar.
Hades Class Basestar Mark IA

Hades Class Basestar Mark IA


The Hades Class Basestar Mark IA officialy came into service 52.5 years before Operation Homecoming.

It was originally maned by Centurion Model 005 and equipped with Raider Mark I.

It was originally designed and constructed by Graystone Industries for the the Centurion Model 005 as it took more and more of the military roles away from Humans. Graystone Industries launched the prototype six months before the out break of the Cylon War. Unknown to them, it was the final piece of the puzzle for the Cylon Revolt to occur.

It was equipped with four top landing bays and four bottom landing bays because it was original designed to act as an evacuation ship.

It is armed with both anti-fighter and anti-ship railguns. However, it's primary weapons, beside it air wings, is it's missile, ranging from anti-fighter ordinance to heavy anti-ship ordinance.

The design would go on to service for the length of the Cylon War. However, construction of Mark IA stop in the last four years of the war, as the Cylons favored the Mark IB.

The Cylon name their classes of warship but not individual ships. There were one hundred and twenty-six of the Mark IA constructed before the Mark IB came into service. After Basestar Basestar 127, Basestar was equipped with a letter at the end to different them from the Mark IB.

List of Mark IAEdit

Basestar 001: Destroyed - Cylon War: Hades

Basestar 126

Basestar 128A

Basestar 722A

Basestar 762A


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