The Hades Class Basestar Mark IB is the main basestar of the Cylon War, hint why is also known as the Cylon War era Basestar.
Hades Class Basestar Mark IB

Hades Class Basestar Mark IB


Design by the Centurions and base on the Mark IA. The primary different between the Mark IA and Mark IB is that the B is equipped with five landing bays instead of four.

It is equipped with Raider Mark I and Mark II.

The Cylon name's their classes of ship but not individual ship instead of they numbers them.

After the prototype Basestar are equipped with a letter to make them different than the Mark IA.

List of Mark IBEdit

Basestar 127: Hades - Cyrus's Flagship

Basestar 128B

Basestar 530B

Basestar 628B

Basestar 666B


Image is created by CanisD.

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