Captain Heather 'Golden' Goodhead is a character from Allen Knott's Battlestar Leonidas.


Heather Goodhead was born in Pailyn, Picon, twenty - two years before Operation Homecoming. She is recruit straited out of high school by the Ministry of Intelligence. She is recruit by Major Keene Barron because she remain him of Galit Malka (D8). At the time of the fall she is Barron's executive officer on the Eurylade, with the rank of Captain. She is 5'8'" tall.

She attend the Graystone Academy in Gray, where she get her nickname/callsign of Golden. She graudation from University of Picon at Pailyn and send time training at the ranch.

She is quickly promoted from Ensign strait up to Captain for several reasons; one of them being her relationship with Arthur Wallace who she met thought Whitney Thompson.


Captain Heather 'Golden' Goodhead is base on the James Bond's character Doctor Holly Goodhead and is Allen Knott homage to Moonraker.

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