Hector Alonzo is a characters from Wes Imlay's Battlestar Victorious.

Hector Alonzo

Hector Alonzo on Caprica.

Volume One: Those Left BehindEdit

Hector Alonzo first shows up in Chapter 3, where he is Major of Caprica and is handed the civilian matter inside the Fleet under Adm. Kronus. He become election governor of the Fleet under Adm. Kronus and Adm. Tolan. Hector attempt to remove Adm. Tolan from overall command, which result in a standoff where Adm. Tolan treat to destroy the Olympica which carry Hector, his wife, and his two children. Hector attempt to keep the Fleet at Carillon so he could maintian his power, by helping the Demand Peace movement.

Volume Two: The Return HomeEdit

After getting left on Carillon for his acting, the Cylon given Hector and the Demand Peace movement, five Basestar to help them hurt down and destroy Adm. Tolan, Adm. Kronus, and their civilian fleet. Result in the Second Battle of Cosmora.

Volume Three: Honor and DutyEdit

In Volume Three Hector is executed on orders from Number One on Ostarsis.


Hector is marry to Gloria Alonzo, and have two children, a son name Chris, and a daugther name Louise. Even those his marry to Gloria, Hector have affair with Sasha Evans and an attempt affair with Jamie Hamilton. He seems to care for Louise deeps even more than his son Chris.

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