For alternate people, see Helena Cain (disambiguation).

Helena Cain is a character from Allen Knott's Battlestar Leonidas (Series). Unlike her canon counterpart she is a Commander and not an Rear Admiral.


Helena Cain is born to Peter and Saundra Cain fifty years before Operation Homecoming. She is the second daughter. She has an older sister Sheba Cain and a younger sister Lucy Cain. After her parents death, she raise Lucy and inturn became a mother figure to her. She is the granddaughter of Adam Cain. Helena and her grandfather didn't get along, however after his death, Helena ended up commanding the Pegasus, her grandfather Adam Cain, commanding the original Peagsus during the Cylon War, partly the reason she wanted the command of the Peagsus.

After being enlisted in the Colonial Navy and moving up to the rank of Commander she is known, too, also be a mother figure too her crew and friend include Admiral Arthur Wallace. She meets Gina Inviere during the Pegasus refitted.

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