Hellenic Traveler (Gemenon Traveler)

Hellenic Traveler

The Hellenic Traveler is a civilian transport vessel featured in the story Battlestar Hermes: Salvage. The ship was destroyed at around the same time as the Cylons bombed the Twelve Colonies and it was initially presumed the vessel was caught up in the attack. New evidence later suggested that a Cylon infiltrator was somehow to blame for the ship's destruction even though the infiltrator had been discovered and apparently killed by the crew.

A Raptor from the Battlestar Hermes discovered the wreck during a scouting mission approximately seventeen days after 'The Fall' and a salvage operation was ordered. Two Cylon Raiders, probably 'Bloodsuckers', interrupted the mission and destroyed the carcass of the vessel with two nuclear missiles. The salvage team only managed to bring one box back with them. Inside was the body of a Cylon Number Six.

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