In Battlestar Leonidas Universe, the Colonial Navy used a Hull Classification Symbol or Hull Codes to identify both Military and Civilian ships. With the Hull Codes each ship, come with a number for example the Warstar Hades is WST-102.


The Hull Classification Symbol was develop during the Cylon War. During the time before the Cylon war, each colonies would classify ship differently. What Picon or Caprica would called a Frigate was thought of being a Destroyer and sometime a Cruiser by colonies like Tauron or Virgon, created what become known as a Cruiser Gap.

Stryker created a codes, base on size and roles. Also ships over time became bigger and more powerfully. For example the Hyperion Bay Class Heavy Cruiser is smaller than moderinze Heavy Cruiser. If the Hyperion Bay Class Heavy Cruiser enters serivce today it would be classify as a Light Cruiser.

Primary WarshipEdit

Primary Warship are Warstar and Battlestar:


1: Warstar (WST)


1: Battlestar (BST)

1A: Super Heavy Battlestar (SHBST)

1B: Heavy Battlestar (HBST)

1C: Command Basestar (CBST)

1D: Light Battlestar (LBST)

1E: Escort Battlestar (EBST)

Secondary WarshipEdit

Secondary Warship are broken down into two groups.

Group A:Edit

1: Gunstar (GST)

1A: Heavy Gunstar (HGST)

2: Strikestar (SST)

2A: Light Strikestar (LSST)

3: Assaultstar (AST)

Group B:Edit

1: Carrier (CA)

1A: Heavy Carrier (HCA)

1B: Escort Carrier (ECA)

2: Battleship (BSH)

2A: Dreadnought (DN)

3: Battlecruiser (BCR)

3A: Heavy Battlecruiser (HBCR)

Escort WarshipEdit

1: Cruiser (CR)

1A: Super Heavy Cruiser (SHCR): also known as a Large Cruiser.

1B: Heavy Cruiser (HCR)

1C: Medium Cruiser (MCR) 1D: Light Cruiser (LCR)

2: Destroyer (D)

3: Frigate (FG)

4: Escort (EC) - used to only escort warship.

5: Corvette (CV) - Colonial's Corvette are used primary as patrol/scout ship but can fill rescort role when the need arise.

6: Cutter (CU) - Colonial's Cutter are used primary as patrol ship but can fill escort role when the need arise.

Escort Group:Edit

During the Cylon War, smaller warhsip was buil to escorts convoy, merchant and civilian ships. They are not design to escort warship, because of the different in speed. They are also design not to engage Cylon warship just Cylon Raiders.

1: Cruiser Escort (CREC)

2: Destroyer Escort (DEC)

3: Frigate Escort (FGEC)

Attack Group:Edit

1: Monitor (M)

1A: Heavy Monitor (HM)

2: Attack Ship (ASH)

2A: Fast Attack Ship (FASH)

Auxiliary ShipsEdit

1: Military Freighter (MF)

2: Mobilie Dry Dock (MDD)

3: Mobile Shipyard (MSY)

Patrol VesselsEdit

1: Patrol Frigate (PFG)

2: Patrol Ship (PSH)

3: Patrol Craft (PC)

Stealth ShipEdit

1: Stealth Battlestar (SBST)

2: Steathstar (SSH)


1: Civilian Ship (CIVSH)

2: Civilian Freighter (CIVF)

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