Iopolis is a city on Canceron's northern continent and sits at the mouth of the Bion river. By Colonial standards it is a relatively new city being only five hundred years old. At the time of 'The Fall' its population numbered around the 3 million mark.

The First Cylon WarEdit

Like most of the Twelve Colonies, Canceron saw heavy fighting between Colonial forces and the Cylon Army. While several cities were annexed by the Cylons, Iopolis remained under Colonial rule for the duration of the war. It's population swelled dramatically however as it become flooded with refugees from the fallen cities.

Although it never fell to the Cylon advance there were several occasions where the Cylons came within artillery range of the city. It also suffered numerous air and space attacks although for some as yet unclear reason the Cylons chose not to use nuclear weapons on this particular city as well as several others throughout the Colonies.

Criminal UnderworldEdit

The Basileus Crime Syndicate was heavily influential in shaping the political and financial landscape of the city. Carl Tolan's organization worked ruthlessly within the city organizing protection rackets as well as kidnapping, murder and rape. The authorities seemed almost powerless to stop them and their job was made worse by a backhand deal that was made by the Colonial Government and Tolan during the Cylon War.


The city is the setting for Wes Imlay's "The Devil You Know".

Iopolis was a major metropolis on the colony of Canceron. It was the city Carl Tolan selected as the home base for the Basileus Crime Syndicate. The city is the central location of the story 'Devil You Know'.

Iopolis is located along the north western continent, Niketas, which lay across the Abaris Ocean from the continent of Elara. It is located at the mouth of the Bion River, a location spanned by the Ben Hill Griffin Bridge. On the outskirts of Iopolis is the military installation Fort Teuton.

Iopolis is considered a 'young' city by most standards, it was founded a little over three hundred years ago. However, with its strategic location on the Bion River it has grown considerably since its founding. At the time of the Fall it boasted a population of 5,547,051 when the populations of Iopolis Proper and Iopolis Metro were combined.

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