Commander Jayden "JJ" Jamie Angelina is a charatcer from Allen Knott's Battlestar Leonidas (Series). She is the commanding officer of the Battlestar Titan. Her callsign stand for Just Jayden. JJ was the nickname her mother gave to her.


Born on Libran, twenty - five years before Operation Downfall. Jayden join the Colonial Fleet at the ages of only sixteen, which Libran's law allowed. Her come from a very tight family, and has three sisters. She attend the Military Academy of Libran (MAL). She was going to be a lawyer in the Colonial Judge Advocate General's Corps. However she accident did a amatuer porn movie and that almost cause her to be throw out of the Colonial Fleet and the MAL. However Colonel Arthur Wallace took a likely to her and Arthur talks Stryker into convince the Academy not to throw her out. After she graduate from MAL, Commander Arthur Wallace got her assign to the Battlestar Midgard because he wanted her to have a fair chance to prove herself. After being promoted always up to Colonel and become the Midgard EO, Admiral Arthur Wallace promoted her to Commander and she was going to be given command of the Stryker however some felt this was not accepted. When the Titan's CO decide to transfer to the Stryker for it shakw down cruise, Jayden was giving command of the Titan.

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