Jerome Cyprian is the main character in the story 'Survival of the Battlestar Stryker' and is the Commanding Officer of the Stryker. Jerome Cyprian was born forty-four years btf on Sapelo Island on the colony of Gemenon. His parents, Ryan and Adria Cyprian, were officers in the Colonial Army during the Cylon War. Around the time their son turned one the Cyprians recieved orders that they were to be deployed to Tauron to help stem a Cylon blitz against Tauron City. They sent their son to live with his maternal grandparents, Sean and Linda Townsend, in the city of Oranu.

Adria Cyprian would not survive the war, leaving her husband to raise their only child alone. Ryan Cyprian would find himself kept in the Colonial Army after the armistice with the Cylons. Six years later he would marry Brynne Calanthe, a journalist who was a member of the staff for The Caprican. The couple would settle on Caprica in the Umbra City.

Jerome Cyprian would graduate from Carleton Academy before being accepted into Abry Military Academy.

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