Jessica Jennings is a character from Allen Knott's Battlestar Leonidas's she is based on Wes Imlay's Jessica Jennings (D5).


Born on Picon twenty - two years BTF, the third of four children, on the colony of Picon. She spent most of her life in the city of Gray, and would graduate from Jones High School in the top five of her graduating class. She decided to pursue a career in the Colonial Fleet, and was accepted to the Picon Fleet Acadmey.

Jennings was at the top of her graduating class when the school entered its annual Iunius Break, also known as Junius, where cadets spent a month away from the Academy before returning home. Jessica's father was friends with Admiral Peter Corman, and Corman urged Jessica to spent the month serving as the temporary Communications Officer onboard the battlestar Victorious during the events of Operation Pedestal. With Ensign Angela Rigel leaving to serve on the battlestar Kios a quick fix was needed until a permanent officer could be found to fill her spot on Victorious. She agree to serving on the Victorious after Admiral Arthur Wallace talked her into it as she is part of his military coup de'tat.


Arthur Wallace (D8)Edit

During her time at PFA, she meet Admiral Arthur Wallace, who she fell in love even those Arthur didn't return the feeling, she did however start a sexual relationship with him.

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