Jessica 'Jaina' Solo is a character from Allen Knott's Battlestar Leonidas.


Jessica Solo was born on Trevor to Harry and Lisa Solo, twenty - five years before Operation Homecoming. Right after graduation from high school, Jessica and her freind was driving home form a party when her boyfreind, who was driving, wreck the car killing everyone expect for Jessica. It was later learn that her boyfriend, Jagged had being drinking causing the wreck. After recovered Jessica, for the first time in her life was lost and looking for a direct join the Colonial Navy. Since leaving Trevor seven years before Opertion Homecoming, she had not spoken to either one of her parent but have talk to her little brother Jacen.

While the Colonial Navy, help Jessica get some of her direction back, it was not till she meet Admiral Arthur Wallace and became Rear Admiral Nastasi Daala executive officer she fould the direction she was looking for, Operation Downfall give her that directed.


Jessica personality had change since the wreck that kill Jagged and four of her freind. She is no longer the wild teenager she once was but have became somewhat of a lost soul. However she still have her free spirit that she had before the wreck.


Jessica 'Jaina' Solo is base on the star wars character Jaina Solo, Allen Knott's second faviorte character after Natasi Daala. For more informatin sees Jaina Solo

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