John Daniel
John Daniel (7) 0040
Vital statistics
Aliases/Nicknames: Maverick (Callsign)
Homeworld: New Aquaria, Saturn
Series/Class/Type: 7 (Special Combat)
Gender: Male
Creation Date: March 7, 2021
Height: 6 ft., 5 in.
Weight: 220 lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Posting: IWS Phoenix-840602-001
Position: Command Raider Pilot

Special Ops. Unit

Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Mother: none
Father: none
Brother(s): Duplicate 7's
Sister(s): Female Cylon models
Spouse(s): Kara Thrace (on again, off again)
Children: none
Personal Weapons Systems
Primary Projectile Weapons: 2 HyperKinetic pistols (20 EX Rounds per second)
Particle Beam Weapons: 2 2 way MN-1223 Particle Assault Rifles
Primary Heavy Weapons systems: Demo Plasma Rifle (standard)
Cybernetic Systems: Cylon Datastream Interlink
Chronological & Political Information
Era(s): Reunification of the 13 Colonies
Affiliations: United Empire of the 13 Colonies
Allies: Imperial Colonial Fleet
Enemies: 3rd Cylon Fleet

John (Series 7-512) (Birth Name:John Daniel) is a member of elite exploratory/defense fighter force Blue Squadron of the military exploratory carrier IWS Phoenix posted within the Cyranus galaxy as part of the Colonial Heritage Project.

Johns main role is to act as Blue squads 2ndary wingman as well as 2nd in command of any special ops. maneuvers/missions involving the Athena Fleet.

System History Edit

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