Jonathan Alexander Kronus is Characters from Wes Imlay's Battlestar Victorious.


Jonathan Alexander Kronus, better known as John, was born seventy - five years before the fall. John was born on Leonis to Paul Kronus.

Kronus service during the Cylon War and reach the rank of Major. After the entire senior staff was killed during the Battle of Cosmora (Cylon War) Major Kronus assumed command and archive a victory over the Cylon.

He is also a members of the Federalist Party

John Kronus

John Kronus

Volume One: Those Left BehindEdit

Admiral John Kronus is on the Olympia when the Cylon attack started. When he meet up with Rear Admiral Scott Tolan he agree to run the fleet together with Tolan instead of taking overall command. Kronus is short promoted to Fleet Admiral.

Volume Two: Edit

Volume Three:Edit

After a heart attack, Kronus retire again from the Colonial Fleet.

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