Admiral Turner

Jonathan Turner

Rear Admiral Jonathan Turner is the main characters of Ryan Keeton's Battlestar Prometheus's Universe.


He is the commander of the Prometheus and Battlestar Group 22. Turner is calm under fire, intelligent and level headed, Admiral Turner trained under Commander Helena Cain as her X.O. aboard the Pegasus for two years, absorbing her brilliant tactical abilities while keeping a command style all his own. He is fair and tends listen to those under his command. A consummate professional, he does his job with little flash or ceremony and prefers to let his actions speak for him. His tall, dark stature and quiet, yet powerfully commanding presence are at both times comforting to those who follow him, and un-nerving to those who stand against him. He also has a strong competitive streak in him. He competed in the Colonial Martial Olympiad three times, winning medals for his swordsmanship.

At the opening of Episode One he is the rank of Commander and commanding officer of the Battlestar Prometheus. This however cost him his marriage.

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