This page refers to the canon character Jordan Duram as he appears in the Global Defense Series of Fan Fiction and not in canon.
Jordan Duram
Jordan Duram
Vital statistics
Home Colony: Caprica
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Posting: G.D.D., Caprica City Bureau
Position: Head of S.T.O. investigation
Rank: Special Agent
Spouse(s): Wife
Children: 1x Son
Personal Weapons Systems
Primary Projectile Weapons: Sidearm
Cybernetic Systems: Holoband
Combat Gear/Armor/Uniform: Urban Tactical
Chronological & Political Information
Era(s): Pre-First Cylon War
Affiliations: Caprican
Enemies: S.T.O.

Jordan Duram is a special agent with the Global Defense Department.


Early LifeEdit

Jordan was born in Caprica City approximately 98 BTF. His family was impoverished by the standards of the day. His father found it difficult to hold down a steady job and his mother had developed an addiction to drugs. For much of his youth Jordan stayed with his Aunt who was a devout believer in the Gods and this belief passed onto Jordan.


Jordan attended the same High School as Jack Bowman and Emma Rose. The three of them quickly became firm friends and for Emma and Jordan this blossomed into a more intimate relationship. At first things remained good between the three of them but when Jordan began to be more demanding of Emma she found herself moving closer to Jack. This caused jealousy with Jordan who lashed out at Jack and forced Emma to chose between him and and Jack. She initially chose Jordan because they were already in a relationship but as things became worse with him she decided to leave him and resume her friendship with Jack.

Jordan later married and has a son who he refers affectionately to as 'Sport'. After he and his wife seperated he tried to stay in touch with his son as best as he could but his work often got in the way.


Despite his impoverished upbringing Jordan aspired to become a G.D.D. Agent having been captivated by the romantic notion of the organization. After gaining a Master's Degree in crimonology at the University of Delphi he was accepted into the illustrious organization. Unfortunately it was at a time when the organization was in a state of decay as budget cuts tore deeply against its effectiveness.


When the S.T.O. bombed Maglev Train 23 Jordan was promoted to Special Agent and put in command of the investigation. This proved the source of some controversy amongst his fellow Agents who had reservations about him. Some felt Jack Bowman would have been a better candidate for the position and knowing this fact he decided to lay the past to rest and get Bowman on his side in order to keep the whole team in check. It worked for the most part.

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