The JUNO is a Protector Class Battlecruiser in the Battlestar Hyperion Series within the Battlestar Hyperion's universe written by Jim Quigley.



  • JUNO suffered heavy damage during the Cylon offensive, but was able to escape undetected during the conflict over Picon and rendezvous at Leonis.
  • Part of a convoy that found the battlestar HYPERION within the Hatari Nebula after leaving Leonis.

Current Command CrewEdit

Cmdr Matthew Jones – 52-years old.

  • Received field promotion to Commander of JUNO after cylon attack.
  • Executive Officer of Battlecruiser TRINITY prior to cylon attack in Hatari Sector

Colonel Joseph Brice – 36-year-old Executive Officer.

Lt. Leigh Barnes – Tactical Officer

Capt. Susan Flood - Chief Medical Officer CPO Conner Marshall – Chief Petty Officer in charge of all deck crews.

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