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Kara Thrace

Kara Thrace is a rebellious 'hotstick', ace and Viper pilot who's insubordinate attitude keeps her in the brig when she isn't behind the controls of a plane. A talented fighter pilot who understands how to fly the Colonial 'ass-ender' to its strengths and with a devil-may-care attitude to her own safety in combat, she has wracked up quite a tally against the Cylons and recieved a few citations and mentions for conspicuous bravery and valour.

Uninterested in being lauded, she has her own measuring stick for what's important in the universe and is unafraid to tell anyone where they need to improve by her own scoring system regardless of whether they're a Colonel or nugget getting too big for their flying boots. Despite possessing considerable skill as a pilot and having a sound tactical mind she hasn't been promoted beyond Lieutenant, considered undisciplined, and is left as a senior pilot aboard the Galactica. She has a passion for music and Pyramid.


"Caught a radial engine monoplane. A stubby fat cylinder with wings, it was machine gun armed- so a fighter and seemed very keen to get on my tail. I let it, sideslipped out of its line of fire and turned inside it- a short burst snapped off the wing and sent it spiralling down. We were low enough that it hit dirt in no time. I didn't see a pilot bail out."

- Combat report against US Navy fighters during the Arrival

"On a patrol over the desert I saw a road and what looked like a small township; fuelling shed, couple of buildings and what was definitely a bar. Very modest place but flat enough for long enough to put down. Did a couple of low passes, waggled the wing, waved and they seemed like they weren't going to shoot me. So I landed in the street between those buildings and hopped out. Lots of men about, all seemed very surprised that I was flying and I had to pull my gun on one that tried to look in the cockpit for the 'pilot'. It was tense and I suggested we all have a drink to settle our nerves. I was able to get more than a few bottles of the local stuff- bourbon and moonshine they were calling it- when they calmed down and started talking. I swear I don't know where the bottles went when I landed back on Galactica."

- Statement while in Brig, regarding a patrol over the American west

"I fly Vipers better than anyone. Me in the cockpit flying for you is like having an extra half squadron doing your bidding. I give the enemy nightmares whether they're flesh and bone or polished chrome."

- Flight deck banter

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