Karla Selma
Karla Selma - B
Vital statistics
Birthplace: Caprica City, Caprica
Home Colony: Caprica
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Birthdate: November 30, 1971
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Posting: None - Civilian
Position: None - Civilian
Rank: None - Civilian
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Brother(s): Unknown
Sister(s): Unknown
Maternal Grandmother: Unknown
Maternal Grandfather: Unknown
Paternal Grandmother: Unknown
Paternal Grandfather: Unknown
Spouse(s): Mistress of Arthur Wallace
Children: None
Personal Weapons Systems
Primary Projectile Weapons: None
Particle Beam Weapons: None
Primary Heavy Weapons systems: None
Energy Manipulation: None
Cybernetic Systems: None
Combat Gear/Armor/Uniform: None
Chronological & Political Information
Era(s): Second Cylon War era
Affiliations: Twelve Colonies of Kobol
Allies: Arthur Wallace
Enemies: Cylons


Karla Selma - A

Karla Selma is a characters from Allen Knott's Battlestar Leonidas (Series)


Karla Selma was born in Caprica City, Caprica, on Tuesday, November 30, 1971 A.E.

She won Miss Caprica and then Miss Universe however she was strip of her title when allegations of a sexual reationship with the head judge came out.

She went to work for the Weyland - Wayland Corporation become Chief Operating Officer (COO). After Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Reiko Yutaini retire, Karla became the new CEO of WWC and was still in charge at the time of the fall.

Operation DownfallEdit

After become CEO of WWC, Karla learn that WWC was a front companies for Admiral Arthur Wallace and his goals. Karla was caught between a rock and a hard place because she could neither turn in Arthur because she would be grouped in with him and place under arrested or willing to join him as she disagree with his goal and tactics.

She was also unwilling to give it the power she had as CEO. After meeting with Arthur at his lake house on Aquaria, she realize that if she sided with Arthur, while a risk, she woudl had all she power she could ever want if he win. Karla did what she is best at and used her female charm to start a sexual relationship with him. However during her time with him, she realize that Arthur is the male version of herself, even those they used somewhat different tactics. However they both used a sexual relationship to complete there agency.

Shortly before the fall, Karla had started to plan her own power grab, after Arthur achive victory she would had him murder and take power for herself. The only person she trust is Sofiya Chownyk who had been at her side since her junior years of high school.


Karla is a touch woman who is willing to do anything to complete her goal or get what she want. She also used her female charm, primary a sexual relatioship to get what she want and help her.

Karla personality is larger determined by her early childhood where she saw her father repeat abuse her mother. While Karla was never abuse she did take a great amount of bullying becuse if it during elementary and middle school. Because of this she had lost all respect for the male gender and only see them as a mean to the end.

Image GalleryEdit

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