Rear Admiral Katherine 'Kat or KK' Kingman is a character from Allen Knott's Battlestar Leonidas (Series).


Born on Virgon's moon of Hibernia, Katherine is a Celtans. She was born twenty - five years before Operation Homecoming.

She attend Picon Fleet Acadmey where she meet another cadet named Arthur Wallace. Like Arthur she was pick for Program Jump Start however she was assigned to the Battlestar Atlantia.


Katerine doesn't see much of her family because they disagreed with her lifestyle both of joining the Colonial Fleet, which they called the worst decision ever and her affair with Arthur Wallace a non - Celtans, which her parent called the worst idea ever.

She is the youngest of five children, she have two older sisters and two oldee brothers. With her older brother Geoffrey has just been elected Governor of Hibernia.

Operation DownfallEdit

Katherine was not original part of Operation Downfall, but she found out and used it to get Arthur to promoted her to Rear Admiral. At her confimed hearing the Virgon representation fiecly opposed her promoted to Rear Admiral. Several other representation opposed her because of her ages, much like Arthur, the final vote came down to a 7 to 5 vote in favored. She is the Admiral assigned to work on Camelot and have became good friend with Audrey O'Toole.


Arthur WallaceEdit

Katherine relationship with Arthur is very much off and on again. They have broken up several times and gotten back to together later. Include breaking up shortly after her promoted to Rear Admiral. While Katherine care for Arthur she growth tired of his lifestyle include the numbers of wives and mistresses he have. They broke up after Arthur promoted to Admiral because he wouldn't leave his wife and be with her. Arthur was attrach to her because of her blue eyes, which people mistake as being green.

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