Keeley Corman is a character from Allen Knott's Battlestar Leonidas (Series).


Keeley Corman was born on Caprica but spend most of her time living on Picon. Keeley was born on Thursday, September 18, 1975 A.E. in Caprica City. She is the grandaughter of Admiral Peter R. Corman and his wife, Mary. Here mother Amber and father Roy was killed in the same car accident that killed Lacey Tolan parent.

At the ages 11, Keeley went to life with her grandparent. Her grandparent raise her totally different than her parent. Peter put strict rules on her. However she started to act out at the ages of 17 and ended up being kicked out of the house by the ages of 18.

Because of her arguement with her grandparent, she is force to take out massive student loan to pay for college at Caprica Fashion Instituate. When she graduated at the ages of 23, she has 120,000 cubit in debt and unable to find a good paying job.

After a year of struggles with her debt she meeting Admiral Arthur Wallace. Arthur convicent her to repair her relationship with her grandparent, which she did. However Peter was unwilling to help her out with her debt to teaches her a lesson. While Mary said she living with them would save her money on rent, food, etc. Keeley found a job in her field because of Arthur, and after a night of celeration the two became an iteam. This lead to Corman discovered she is in a relationship with Arthur, depsit his many mistresses and eight wives. Corman again threat to throw her out of the house buy Mary would not let him. Keelzey move into an apartment in Kios, Picon.


Arthur WallaceEdit

Because of her stain relationship with her grandparent, Keeley started a relationship with Arthur Wallace. However Arthur is using her to allows his spy to get close to Corman. Keeley think that she is the spy but she is actual the decoy. Keeley is enjoyed the relationship with Arthur but don't think it will ended up going to the next level.

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