The Kria Bunker appears in Volumes Two and Three of the Battlestar Victorious series.

The Kria Bunker was designed and built in secrecy 25 BTF, and what little information has become available has gone the route of being considered rumor and speculation.

Construction began under the administration of President Aileen Erickson. The government contract was awarded to an architect by the name of Rodger Kria. This contract was for him to design an emergency government shelter in case of a Cylon attack.

The project was classified and given the dummy name of Operation Cervantes.

The bunker was built into the side of the mountain where a cave system was already in place, and had a hidden set of blast doors for access from the surface. The underground seven-story bunker had practically everything required for an extended stay. The entire complex was equipped with airlocks for an independent atmosphere, fully redundant air handling/cooling systems, airtight rooms, electromagnetic pulse shielding to military standards, thick reinforced concrete subterranean construction, the ability to survive a 20-megaton nuclear blast at 5 kilometers, 100,000 liters freshwater reserve tank, Nuclear/Biological/Chemical (NBC) air filtration, and other items needed for the comfort and survivability of a working government of the Twelve Colonies.

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