Labyrinth is the ninth planet in the Pandora System. It a members of the Western Alliance.



Labyrinth is a worlds settled by those who believe in corporatism and a un-regulation free-market base system and because of this are ruler by mega-corporation. Labyrinth is the larger economy in all of the worlds of both the Western Alliance and Eastern Alliance. However Labyrinth's cooperation can't operate outside of Labyrinth expect for specific zones, primary moon and asteroid belt, set up by the Western Alliance. Labyrinth is also less focus on the conflict between the Western Alliance and Eastern Alliance and more about making profit. The Labyrinth also used slave labor but because of the conflict between the Eastern Alliance and Western Alliance, the Western Alliance was focus to agree to allow Labyrinth to continue to use slave labor.

Because of this, Labyrinth has major evinromental issues. However the mega-corportation had deal with this issue with mix result. Even with the evinormental issues, the popluation of Labyrinth is 8.5 billion people, with a slave population of 2.5 billion.



Jiaozi is the largest moon of Labyrinth and where all of those who control the mega-corportation lives. Primary the CEO.


Niango is the second moon of Labyrinth. Those who live on Niango are hand selected by CEO of each corportation. Niango also use as a vacation spot for the CEO and because of this, Niango population is somewhere between 75 to 80% female.


Image is base on Felucia

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