Lacey Tolan is a character from Allen Knott's Battlestar Leonidas; she is base on Wes Imlay's Lacey Tolan (D5).


Lacey Tolan was the only child of Michael and Nora Tolan. Tragically her parents would die in a car wreck on Colonial Day when Lacey was five years old. In a move that was never fully explanied Carl Tolan placed Lacey in the care of Sylvia Tolan. She was born Nineteen BTF on Canceron.

Unlike her Dimension Five counterpart, Lacey is not close to her cousin Scott Tolan. However her best friend is still Lynise Medford.

She is about nineteen at the time of Operation Homecoming/Downfall.

The IncidentEdit

During her freshman year at Fleet Acadmey, she is attack by five men who was possed as cadet. The attack was in order to send her cousin Scott Tolan, and Andrew Tolan a message however Lacey was saved by Admiral Arthur Wallace; who was visited Sophia Tolen (D8).


Arthur Wallace (D8)Edit

Because of the Incident, and her dislike for her cousin, Lacey started a sexual relationship with Admiral Arthur Wallace. Her and Arthur was caught at least one by Lynise, who Arthur asks to join them; upsetting Lacey. Eighteen days before Operation Downfall, her and Arthur again had a heat arguement after a night of sex.

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