The Ladies of Canceron also known as "The Ladies of Old Town" is a group of female prostitutes that appears in the Battlestar Leonidas (Story). They are base on Canceron in the city of Old Town.

Volume Four: The Calm before the StormEdit

Chapter One: The Ladies make they first appearing in Volume 4, meeting with Admiral Arthur Wallace. The Ladies are lead by the Triplets of Jessica, Wendy, Goldie King. Three of the Ladies: Ava Lord (President Adar), Daisy Bellerose (Cheng Chang), Dallas Picard (Admiral Peter); are assign to men in power who could be a treat to Admiral Arthur Wallace and his upcoming military coup d'etact.

List of Known MemeberEdit

Jessica King

Wendy King

Goldie King

Daisy Bellerose

Dallas Picard

Ava Lord

Miho Aoki


The Ladies of Canceron are base on The Girls of Old Town from Sin City (Comic and Film). Also their characters name are base on member of The Girls of Old Town. The Girls of Old Town and the Characters first name, are own by Frank Miller who created them. However some of the last name are not.

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