Lily Wallace (nee Sadowski) is a characters from Allen Knott's Battlestar Leonidas (Story). She was born on Libran 28 years BTF and have a two years old daughter with Arthur name Louisanna. She is Arthur four wives.


Lily Sadowski was born on Libran in Themis to a father who was a lawyer and a mother who was also a lawyer. She graduated University of Libran at Themis with a degree in Law and Psychology. She study the law book writing by Joseph Adama and was honor to meet his son William Husker Adama. She kept the Trial Tactics and Strategies and Law and Mind: The Psychology of Legal Practice on her work's desk. She is currently writing a law book entitle Why the Current Law System Doesn't Work by Lily Sadowski used her maiden name.

Relationship with ArthurEdit

Lily meet Arthur at ULT during a discussion on Law and the Human mind eight years BTF. Arthur was impression by Lily view that the Law should better reflect the human mind/human nature. She is the oldest wives in term of age and is three years older than Arthur. Because of the age different she is called the Old Wives by the other wives a nickname she hate. Arthur and Lily have a two years old daughter name Louisanna name after Lily grandmother. Both of Lily parent disapprove of her marriage to Arthur because he is form Aquaria and his military job calling it a bad pairing. However Lily followed her heart and marriage Arthur five year before the fall.

Personality Edit

Lily is a wise for her ages and her husband second most trusted wives. Because of the trusted that Arthur have for her she have a better understand and what is going on with Arthur military d'etat coup. Arthur have already task her with creating a new law system for post military d'etat coup. Before the birth of her daughter she was workaholic but have took almost the last two years off.

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