In the Battlestar Leonidas's Universe, the Primary Warship are Battlestar and Warstar. Secondary Warship are Gunstar, Strikestar, Faststar, Escortstar, Carrier, Battleship, Dreadnought and Battlecruiser. With Escort Warship are Cruiser, Destroyer, Escort, Corvette, and Patrol Vessel. Role is how you determind what groups ships belong in.

Secondary WarshipEdit

Titan Class Gunstar

Tiger Class Strikestar

Tiger Subclass Strikestar

Tiger Class Faststar (Battlestar Hermes/Victorious's Universe)

Clemson Subclass Faststar (Battlestar Hermes/Victorious's Universe)

Nemesis Class Heavy Battlercruiser

Protector Class: Battlecruiser (Battlestar Hyperion's Universe)

Escort WarshipEdit

Cheetah Class Light Cruiser

Tiger Class: Destroyer

Clemson Subclass Destroyer

Tiger Class (2nd Generation): Destroyer (Battlestar Leonidas's Universe)

Tiger Class (3rd Generation): Destroyer (Battlestar Leonidas's Universe)

Apollo Class Corvette

Guardian Class: Escort (Battlestar Hyperion's Universe)

Defender Class: Escort (Battlestar Hyperion's Universe)

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