1. Jupiter Class Battlestar Galatica
  2. Courier Class Passenger Liner Colonial One
  3. Consular Class Passenger Liner Pisces/Colonial Two
  4. Cloud Seven Class Luxury Liner Cloud Nine
  5. MedicStar Class Medical Ship Rising Star
  6. Flattop Class Repair and Salvage Ship Carina
  7. Flattop Class Repair and Salvage Ship Virgon Express
  8. Majestic Class Mining Vessel Monarch
  9. Majestic Class Mining Vessel Majahual
  10. Majestic Class Mining Vessel Sovereign
  11. Nideon Class Fleet Supply Ship Gideon
  12. Nideon Class Fleet Supply Ship Baah Pakal
  13. Hatai Kun Class Tylium Refinery Ship Hitei Kan
  14. Firedrake Class Tylium Tanker Ship Virga
  15. Firedrake Class Tylium Tanker Ship Sargon
  16. Firedrake Class Tylium Tanker Ship Hexare
  17. Orion Class Mineral Refinery Ship Kara Nixal
  18. Explorer Class Civilian Research Ship Celestra
  19. Thine Class Electronics Ship Striker
  20. Botanical Cruiser Class Agricultural Ship Argo
  21. Sapphire Class Passenger Liner Pyxis
  22. Sapphire Class Passenger Liner Chrion
  23. Sapphire Class Passenger Liner Harrak
  24. Princess Class Space Cruise Liner Picon Princess
  25. Luxury Star Class Passenger Ship Tauranian Traveller
  26. Luxury Star Class Passenger Ship Picon 36
  27. Luxury Star Class Passenger Ship Gemenon Liner 117
  28. Luxury Star Class Passenger Ship Pan-Galactic Heavy 79
  29. Aquilon Class Large Passenger Liner/Space Park Zephyr
  30. Courier Class Light Passenger Liner Eversun Liner 19
  31. Courier Class Light Passenger Liner Eversun Liner 25
  32. Consular Class Passenger Liner Rhadamanthys
  33. Consular Class Passenger Liner Epheme
  34. Consular Class Passenger Liner Adrasteia
  35. Consular Class Passenger Liner Hollis
  36. Charybdis Class Civilian Transport Attis
  37. Charybdis Class Civilian Transport Persephone
  38. Deimos Class Civilian Transport Enkidu
  39. Deimos Class Civilian Transport Edina
  40. Kodiak Class Transport Coronis
  41. Kodiak Class Transport Aurora
  42. Kodiak Class Transport Azimenarius
  43. Firefly Class Transport Kiya
  44. Firefly Class Transport Coba
  45. Electra Class Heavy Cargo Transport Gemenon Traveler
  46. Defender Class Cutter/Light Transport Borella
  47. Defender Class Cutter/Light Transport Adriatic
  48. Defender Class Cutter/Light Transport Canaris
  49. CM II Class Container Ship Mover 6
  50. CM III Class Container Ship Mover 11
  51. CM IV Class Container Ship Mover 20
  52. Hollandia Class Freighter Gemini
  53. Hollandia Class Freighter Greenleaf
  54. Hollandia Class Freighter Argo Navis
  55. Hollandia Class Freighter Faru Sadin
  56. Saturn IV Class Freighter Freighter 212
  57. Titan Class Heavy Freighter Prometheus
  58. Titan Class Heavy Freighter Helios
  59. Titan Class Heavy Freighter Aether
  60. Titan Class Heavy Freighter Adrasteia
  61. Stellar Star Class Prison Ship Astral Queen
  62. Cache Class Sewage and Recycling Ship Demetrius
  63. Astoria Class Cold Storage Ship Kimba Huta
  1. Sapphire Class Passenger Liner Olympic Carrier

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