Liza Szep-Virag is a character from Allen Knott's Battlestar Leonidas. She is Karla Selma's secretary. Her last name (Virag) is from her father side and (Szep) is from her mother side.


Liza was born on Virgon twenty - two BTF during her birth her mother die because of bloodloss. Her father and brother was both in the Colonial Military; with her father been a Colonel in the Colonial Navy and her brother been a Private in the Colonial Marine. However four BTF Liza lost both her father and brother because of Admiral Retta Nagala. Becuase of this she develop a hates of the Admiralty. She first meet Carl Stryker, who she had a short relationship with however she got tired of his lack of progress and started to look for better way in destroyed the Admiralty.

Operation DownfallEdit

Three years before the fall, Liza meet Arthur Wallace and when he was promoted to Admiral. Liza join Operation Downfall, and seeing that as been the only way to destroyed the Admiralty. While she disagree with Arthur on the Colonial government she is willing to accept that as long as the Admiralty is destroyed. Arthur send her to Caprica to keep an eye on Karla Selma who Arthur doesn't trust.

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