Lobo Negro also known as Lobo Negro Station or Black Wolf Station is a Oylmpus Class space Station that appears in Battlestar Prometheus (Series).
Black Wolf Station

Lobo Negro or Black Wolf Station


Black Wolf normally had a crew compliment of 7,511 officers and crewmen but currently only had 974 because of the Cylon attack. It currently commanding officer is Brigadier General John Connors.

Black Wolf carry seven squadrons of Viper Marl 7's and one squadron of experimental Viper Mark 8's.

The LOBO NEGRO station normally carries a compliment of 1500 Colonial Marines, however the bulk of her crew was on annual shore leave when the Cylons attacked. As a result, only 200 hundred of her Marines survived the attack.

The Lobo Negro is a mobile space station capable of limited FTL jumps, 60 stellar units (S.U.). She was designed this way so that she could serve as a mobile shipyard and refit facility. After ten years of such duty she was reassigned to be the site of secret experiments in new ship technology.

The station was officially listed as retired in the Colonial Defense database, which led to it being overlooked by the Cylons during their infiltration. It was relocated at irregular intervals to keep it from being located by possible Cylon infiltration, a strategy that worked.

It is now the only colonial facility capable of repairing and building new ships.

It had enough food, fuel and water to last for ten years.

The station can isolate sections of the outer hull of any ship for work in atmospheric conditions in its Dry Docks. This facilitates repairs for extreme damage. She can also build new ships from Nova class down to Vipers.


Images is taking from Wolf Shipyard and was created by CanisD. The Battlestar was remove by Allen Knott.

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