Lucifer/Il-Series model

When the war first broke out amongst the Cylons and the Humans, the Leader of the Cylon Legion the Imperious Leader decided to make copies of himself to ensure that his ideals would always be remembered. Creating the Il-series they would serve as a backup system having all of his knowledge, for some reason though the Imperious Leader didn’t transfer all of his memories leaving some history of their creation unknown to them.

Without all of the knowledge though they began to create different personalities and began to explore other avenues. Most of the models would fulfill the role as ship commanders on their ships, but a few took other paths.

Lucifer more interested in science began studying the Human genome to better understand how the enemy of his people worked, it wasn’t until an idea from a group of humanoids claiming to be from Kobol would present to the Imperious Leader of a way to use Human models to suicide bomb into their targets, using the idea he tasked Lucifer in creating the design. Resuscitating a human named Captain Tricia Helfer she would help him begin to understand the secrets he deeply wanted to know, upon his success he returned with his results to learn that Ellen the leader of the group was testing him to see what use he would be to them.

Part of her team they gave him menial tasks keeping him and their first test subject John Cavil out of the loop of their project, while working in close quarters he had eventually befriended the young John and learned of his ideas to help the evolution of the Legion. Excited he helped him in secrecy so that he could complete his work, later to learn he had been deceived Lucifer unintentionally helped John undermine his coworkers destroying everything he had worked for. John appreciative of everything he had done exiled him to the outer rim waiting for work to never come back till some years later once his supplies had began to run low.

His relationship with his test subject Tricia had meant a great deal to him, and as a gift he had used her DNA sequence to help create the Sixes. A friendship that had consequences he would always honor her wishes, possibly even over the Empire itself.

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