The following is a series of background info for the purpose of the story of Lucky Miracle and the enjoyment of the reader. This background info remains as a way of expanding the reading of the story, and for various references mentioned in the story itself.

Therefore this background info should not be taken as a canon source and is only real use is for the reference of the story: A Lucky Miracle. Enjoy!


Background Files - Codex EntriesEdit

  • Codex 01 - Colonial Battlestar Groups
  • Codex 02 - Colonial Exploration and Expansion
  • Codex 03 - The Cylon Plan
  • Codex 04 - The Veil Nebula
  • Codex 05 - DRADIS Pickets
  • Codex 06 - The Blackbird vs Stealth Raptor
  • Codex 07 - The Final Five - Wayward Family
  • Codex 08 - Cloning: Is it Needed?

Background ImagesEdit

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