The Viper and Raider Series of Fighters where the main fighter lines of the two long-time enemies of the Twelve Colonies, and the Cylon Collective. While the two series of fighters where quite different from one another they were basically on par with one another, with the Viper Series slightly superior due to the pilot's ability to think outside of the box. Overtime the Cylons just overwhelmed their foes with superior numbers destroying Colonial Viper Groups with sheer numbers. This tactic is something we can look forward if another Cylon War breaks out...

- Taken from Colonial Warships and Craft The Fighter is the main strike ability of many ships in many modern combat fleets. It could be equipped for a variety of missions, including anti-fighter, anti-ship, or anti-ground. The Fighter would evolve to many different types of combat craft including bombers, strike fighters, and other such craft which could be used for their dedicated mission. Over time fighters have been constantly improved with a variety of different improvements or upgrades.

To this day the Fighter and Strike Craft remains one of the main attack platform for the both the Colonial Fleet and its Cylon Counterpart. The following is only the known Fighter or Strike Craft that are mentioned in this story.

Twelve Colonies of KobolEdit

The Twelve Colonies favor the Viper series of Fighters, and it has evolved since the very first Viper Fighter Platform first developed by the Caprican Military several years before the First Cylon War. The Colonies also favor numerous other craft for a variety of different missions as well as a few minor civilian craft.


  • Viper MkII Space Superiority Fighter
  • Viper MkIII Space Superiority Fighter
  • Viper MkVII Space Superiority Fighter

Bombers/Attack CraftEdit

  • Scorpion MkIII Fighter-Bomber
  • Viper MkIV Attack Fighter
  • Viper MkVI Attack Fighter
  • Rhino MkI Gunship

Support CraftEdit

  • Raptor MkIII Scout and Recon Vehicle
  • Raptor MkIV Ultra Marine Combat Craft 
  • Mule MkII Fleet Shuttle
  • Mule MkIIB Work Shuttle

Civilian Support CraftEdit

  • Mustang MkI Personal Shuttle
  • Mule MkI Fleet Shuttle

Cylon CollectiveEdit

The Cylon Collective would favor the Raider series of Fighters which see it vastly improve over time. Unlike its Colonial counterparts many of the Cylon Fighters possess FTL Engines which made them slightly superior to the Viper series.


  • Raider MkIV Advanced Combat Fighter
  • Raider MkIII Personal Combat Fighter

Bombers/Attack CraftEdit

  • Heavy Raider MkII Attack Craft
  • Marauder MkI Heavy Combat Craft

Support CraftEdit

  • Bandit MkI Heavy Shuttle

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