During the time before and during the Second Cylon War both the Colonials and the Cylons have numerous ships for variety of uses. From the large and powerful Battlestars to the small escort ships, and to the various types of support ships to keep the Colonial Fleet in shape. There is also the variety of different civilian ships transporting passengers, supplies, food, and other such stuff around the Colonies.

The following ships listed here are only ships mentioned in the story of Lucky Miracle, therefore does not represent all of the ships produced by either side.

The Twelve Colonies of KobolEdit

The Colonies favour large Battlestar combat ships which sport heavy anti-ship weapons, and missile launchers along with the ability to carry numerous fighters and support craft. They also sport a few Gunstar Seris of ships which are the main escorts of the large Battlestars. The Colonial Military also sports numerous auxiliary ships to keep its Fleet in top shape. The majority of these support ships are armed and some even carry fighters or support craft when needed.

Meanwhile the Colonial Civilian Ships come from every walk of life imaginable and do everything in the colonies from passenger transport to carrying frieght. Everywhere in the Colonies you can find numerous passenger ships, transport, and frieghters making their way around. The Civilian Fleet also sports numerous auxiliary ships of their own, mostly mining and refinery ships. These ships are often used in conjuntion with military ships for not only defense but in support as well.



  • Tiger Class Gunstar
  • Loki Class Gunstar
  • Berserker Class Gunstar


  • Defender Class Sloop
  • Charger Class Escort Sloop

Military Auxiliary Support ShipsEdit

  • Mucliber Class Factory Ship
  • Berzerk Class Support Ship
  • Cyclops Class Military Freighter
  • Lupa Class Military Freighter
  • Nideon Class Fleet Supply Ship
  • Kingman Class Marine Barracks Ship
  • Kodiak Class Marine Light Assault Ship
  • Mercy Class Hospital Ship
  • Asclepius Class Mobile Hospital Ship
  • Medicstar Class Medical Ship

Civilian Auxiliary Support ShipsEdit

  • Lemnos Class Factory Ship
  • Marilyn Class Mobile Yard
  • MedicStar Class Medical Ship
  • Flattop Class Repair and Salvage Ship
  • Majestic Class Mining Vessel
  • Nideon Class Fleet Supply Ship
  • Hatai Kun Class Tylium Refinery Ship
  • Firedrake Class Tylium Tanker Ship
  • Orion Class Mineral Refinery Ship
  • Explorer Class Civilian Research Ship
  • Thine Class Electronics Ship
  • Argo Class Agricultural Ship

Civilian Passenger LinersEdit

  • Courier Class Passenger Liner
  • Cloud Series Passenger Liners
  • Consular Class Passenger Liner
  • Sapphire Class Passenger Liner
  • Princess Class Space Cruise Liner
  • Luxury Star Class Passenger Ship
  • Aquilon Class Large Passenger Liner

Civilian TransportsEdit

  • Charybdis Class Civilian Transport
  • Deimos Class Civilian Transport
  • Kodiak Class Transport
  • Firefly Class Light Transport
  • Convoy Class Medium Transport
  • Electra Class Heavy Cargo Transport
  • Stellar Class Heavy Transport
  • Defender Class Light Transport (Converted Military Ship)

Civilian FreightersEdit

  • Colonial Movers Series Bulk Freighters
  • Hollandia Class Freighter
  • Saturn IV Class Freighter
  • Bedford Class Bulk Cargo Freighter
  • Titan Class Heavy Freighter

Other Civilian ShipsEdit

  • Cache Class Sewage and Recycling Ship
  • Astoria Class Cold Storage Ship
  • Corsica Class Casino Ship

Cylon CollectiveEdit

Unlike their Colonial counterparts the Cylon Fleet sports less classes of warships and mainly focuses much of their military on the Hel Class Basestar which is their primary warship of choice. However the Cylons still sport several other combat ships including the slightly smaller Nova Class Basestar, and the Banshee Class Escort Ship. Even then the Cylons don't rely heavily on anti-ship guns but on anti-ship missile launchers making their ships primarily carriers. Only the small Banshee Class sport anti-ship guns and  they are not as heavy as the guns on the Colonial Battlestars.

Also the Cylons don't really sport a real Civilian Fleet, but sport several ship designs to support its fleet including the Hades Class Resurrection Ship, and the Gaia Class Freighter. These ships are only to support its fleet and not honestly a real civilian fleet.


  • Hel Class Basestar
  • Nova Class Basestar
  • Gemini Class Basestar


  • Banshee Class Escort Ship
  • Spectre Class Heavy Escort

Support ShipsEdit

  • Hades Class Resurrection Ship
  • Gaia Class Freighter
  • Volcanus Class Mining Ship
  • Deacon Class Mineral Transport Ship

New United Nations Government/New United Nations SpacyEdit

Called the Thirteenth Tribe by the Colonials, the New United Nations Government is the central authority of Earth, its Colonies, and the numerous Colony Fleets. The New United Nations (NUN) has numerous colony fleets spread across the galaxy trying to find a new home along several colonies already settled. Only recently has the NUN changed is colonization policy with much of the various colony fleets and colonies now sporting their central government with all of them linked together in a loose alliance under the NUN Flag.

The main military force of the New United Nations is the New United Nations Spacy (NUNS) which protects the various deployed colony fleets, and colonies. With the recent change of colonization policy each colony fleet and colony sports its own NUNS Defense Force which answers to the civilian leaders of the colony.

The NUNS sports ships and equipment that is vastly superior over to their Colonial or Cylon Counterparts and are equipped with particle beam and missile weapons. The NUNS follows a different thinking then the Colonial Fleet and has the carrier or battlefortress as the center of every fleet instead of a Battlestar or Basestar.


  • ARMD-II Class Carrier
  • Guantánamo Class Stealth Carrier
  • Uraga Class Stealth Battle Carrier
  • Dulfim Class Stealth Aircraft Carrier


  • Macross Class Battlefortress
  • Global Class Battlefortress
  • Megalord Class Battlefortress
  • New Macross Class Battle Carrier

Escort ShipsEdit

Colony ShipsEdit

Colony Support ShipsEdit

  • Einstein Class Research Experimental Ship
  • Budoukan Class Concert Ship
  • Hollywood Class Amusement Ship
  • Mark Twain VII Class Resort Ship
  • Sunnyflower Class Agricultural Ship
  • Pick-Axe Class Mining Ship
  • Riviera Resort Class Ship
  • Three Star Class Factory Ship
  • West Point Class Macro-Training Base Ship
  • Vulcan Class Long-Range Factory Ship
  • Provider Class Colony Support Ship
  • Prospector Class Long-Range Mining Vessel
  • Nobel Class Long-Range Research Vessel

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