Lucy Greenberg is a character from Allen Knott's Battlestar Leonidas (Series).

Back storyEdit

Lucy Greenberg was born on Picon, on Thursday, December 20, 1973. She is second daughter of a former porn star. Lucy has one older sister. Lucy mother abuse both her and her older sister and told Lucy that the only thing she was good for was being on her back.

Lucy joined the Colonial Fleet in 1991, and attened Aquaria Military Academy - University. She should has attend Picon Fleet Academy - University but request to attend AMAU. Lucy graduted from AMAU in 1995 in the top twenty of her classes.

She is now the commanding officer of the Nova Class Command Battlestar, Excalibur. She was promoted to Commmander by Arthur Wallace.

She like older colonial craft espcailly those with propeller.


Arthur WallaceEdit

Lucy and Arthur Wallace are sleeping together. They celebatre her promoted to Commander by having sex in her new quarters aboard the Excalibur.

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