Lynsie Medford is a character from Allen Knott's Battlestar Leonidas. She is base on Wes Imlay's Lynsie Medford (D5)


At some point before the fall, Lynsie caugh her bestfriend Lacey Tolan (D8) and Admiral Arthur Wallace (D8) in the bed together. Lynsie was willing to join, even before Arthur asks her to join however Lacey would had none of it.

Eighteen days before the fall, Arthur would asks Lynsie to talk to Lacey after another heat arguement. Lynsie agree and tell Arthur if he even need a booty call she was available.

While she is Lacey bestfriend, she is a little jealousy of her because in Lynsie mind, she is not as pretty as Lacey and the boy always go after Lacey. Also because of Lacey family more attended it pay to Lacey than Lynsie. However there are still best friend.

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