Ceres Medium Cruiser-2

A fully outfitted Lyre Cruiser Image By Kelso323, parts by CanisD

"You've got to hand it to the Scorpians.  They built the original one a century and a half ago, and the rest of us still haven't found a good replacement."

-Colonel Radin on the Lyre cruiser.

Design SpecificationsEdit

Length: 580 meters

width: 102.4 meters

crew: 775


12 700 mm railgun turrets

40 40 mm point defense turrets

40 light missile launchers

18 Cobra general purpose missile launchers

4 Atlatl anti capitol missile launchers

Complement: 20 vipers, 5 Raptors

Background Information:Edit

The Lyre cruiser is an old design. It was conceived by Scorpian engineers during the second to last major inter-colony war, one hundred years before the creation of the cylon. She was a versatile cruiser that coudl fit more and larger guns onto her hull than any previous design could. Her entrance to the war marked the turning point, where the 'quadruple alliance' of Virgon, Picon, Scorpia, and Caprica began pushing back the Tauron-Gemnon confederation, leading to the latter's eventual defeat. The cinderblock shaped design proved immensely successful, and persisted through numerous variations, the last being the Lyre-P, created ten years before the fall of the colonies. Since inception, over twenty thousand Lyres have been produced and almost eight thousand have been destroyed in combat, making it the most produced and longest lived cruiser in the colonial arsenal.

Two ships of this class survived the fall of the colonies and linked up with the colonial remnant. The first is the Ceres, a Lyre-i and veteran of the last three years of the first cylon war, numerous pirate actions, and an attempted coup. The second is the Cassiopeia, a Lyre-O built just after the attempted Coup. Both have proven themselves in combat during the opening battles of the Second cylon war and continue to serve with the Remnant.

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