MiNovsky Long range Particle Assault Rifle (Type-1)
PLS-Lazer Rifle (Type I) 01
Model: PLS (Particle Lazer System) weapons series
Weapons Type: Standard Combat weapons firearm
date of creation: December 10, 1984
Years Active: 42 Yahren (Colonial Years)
Current Status: Active
Monetary Cost: $400 (20th century equivalent)
Technical Specifications
Handle Type: 1-2 Handed (however 2 handed is recommended)
Weight 3 lbs.
Weapons Operation/Function: pulse flow based beam emission (via high heat em electro jacket)
Magazine Size: 2 Particle plasma energy packs (1 forward, 1 in rear stock)

between 1.500-5,000 shots

Weapons Power: Active Minovsky/Positron Particle plasma charge mix
Energy Output: 280-400 Watts (per energy discharge)
Maximum Ammunition Capacity: 6-8,000 shots on full charge
Ammunition Type: straight shot beams of high charged particle energy
Rate Of Fire: 250 shots per second
Muzzle Velocity: near lightspeed
Weapons Accuracy: High (near to 5.27 Microns)
Effective Range: 5-10 Miles
Chronological and Basic Info
Real World Counterpart: none
Era(s): Imperial Reunification
Affiliations: United Empire of the 13 Colonies

The MN or MiNovsky-1223 Particle Assault Rifle is the central heavy combat assault handarm Particle Lazer weapons system for the United Empire of the 13 Colonies. Used for over forty years by both Colonial and Earth based militaries the MN Particle delivery system is still considered the most accurate and reliable tactical hand assault combat weapons system that exists today.

Commonly known or nicknamed the twin shot or blast system due to its simultaneous dual barrel fire capability, the MN-1223 is the standard assault rifle for most infantry divisions of the Imperial Colonial Fleet. Used in 2 Cylon wars, multiple civil conflicts and numerous peacekeeping missions next to the ARS Beam cannon the MN-1223 remains the standard due to its technical and tactical superiority compared to other military factions (not counting Cylons) within both the Milky Way and Cyrnus galaxies.

Technical Overview & Operation Edit

The MN-1223 while appearing technically complicated externally the rifles internal firing mechanism is deceptively simple. Just as larger Lazer cannons and ship and fighter mounted long range heavy munitions the MN-1223 relies on 3 main internal components.

  1. Minovsky Generator
  2. Particle Acceleration chamber
  3. Superheating/conductive EM emission jacket

The particle stream is stored then compressed and ejected into the rifles main particle acceleration chamber. The Chamber also acts as a 2ndary electro-plasma storage unit so a ready firing charge is always present within the weapon as long as the rifle is adequately charged.

The main purpose of the Acceleration chamber however is the main action/reaction process of super-accelerating the Minovsky Particle/Proton mixture, the particle mix is sped into a superheated visible heat based energy which has the simultaneous properties of existing both as a solid and intangible form of nuclear matter that the exotic Minovsky element is well known for.

The finally accelerated electro-plasma is pumped into 2 barrel chambers each which contain a Heavy Electron based ElectroMagnetic energy processing "jacket." The jacket in reality is a fast acting stream of thick high impact electrons which both focuses and gives the particle energy beam far more coherence for a more powerful and accurate shot.

System History Edit

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