The Cylon Marauder Class Bomber is the cylon long range bomber.
Marauder Class Bomber

Cylon Marauder class Bomber


The Marauder Class Bomber is a light bomber and use on light strike missions against planetary bases and capital ships targets. It slower than the standard Raider but is better armored. It is armed with four railguns in two twin hardpoints, and have an a internal bomb bay with can carries a large number of bom and twenty - four missile tubes under each wings.

It sill crew by three centurions, a pilot, a co-pilot/command centurion, and a bombardier/navigator.

Lessons learn from the Marauder Class Bomber would later help to design the AB Raider and the Heavy Raider Mark I.


Image is created by CanisD.

Marauder Class Bomber is base on the Marauder from the 2003 video game.

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