Meredith 'Guinevere' Raskoph is a characters from Allen Knott's Battlestar Leonidas (Story). She is normally called by her callsign/nickname.


Meredith Raskoph was born on Caprica 24 years BTF too a wealth family and attend AMA with Arthur Wallace and Cayla Martinez. She and Arthur started to date during their freshman year and lasted till right before going to Picon Fleet Academy. She got the called sign Guinevere from the play name Arthur and Guinevere, which is about a businessman who fall in love with a artist and give up his career just to be with her; it also the play Arthur is name after. However after Cayla found out she was pregnant during their senior years it cause Guinevere and Arthur relatioship to fall apart. Guinevere would later leave the Colonial Military and marry a man name Kenny Tolen and have two daughter with him. Even those she marry to Kenny she would continue to used her madien name.

Relationship with Arthur

Arthur and Guinevere relationship from the get go was toxic and self destruction. Arthur love Guinevere so much he was ready and willing to resign from the Colonial Military to make her happy and decision he would later be glad that he didn't made. Guinevere and Arthur date for four years from freshman at AMA till right before they was going to enter Picon Fleet Academy. After the break-up with Arthur, which left him with a broken heart, Guinevere left Aquaria and move back home too Caprica. She and Arthur would not speak for almost six years before she call him shortly before Operation Downfall. The fail relatioship also cause Guinevere to lose her bestfreind in Cayla something that left Guinevere very hurt.


Meredith marriage a Kenny Tolan, cousin of Sophia Tolen. She and Kenny have two daughters together.


Guinevere is beatiful, full of life, out going and strong. She know what she want and have always went after it. Coming from Caprica, Guinevere hold the same view as most Caprican. She is big fan of the Caprican Buccaneers however she dislike Samuel T. Anders. While Guinevere is strong she have been know to give into peer pressure espcailly during her time at AMA.

Messenger Guinevere

A meesenger in the from of Gunievere appears to Arthur during his journal.


Images is base on a freind of Allen Knott's please don't used unless have his permission.

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