Michael "Archangler Johnson is a characters from Ryan A. Keeton's Battlestar Prometheus (Series).

Captain Michael “Archangel” Johnson is Air Support Group Commander (ASGC)

Laid back, level headed and generally amiable, Michael Johnson is the rock that many of his friends lean on in troubled times. The son of a priest, he has deep religious beliefs and a jovial, forgiving nature. This doesn’t keep him from doing his duty however. He can make a Raptor do things that make Viper pilots stand up and take notice. Aggressive in the cockpit, he often mutters prayers to the Gods while he engages in combat. An enigma to most, Archangel is a very private person who generally only speaks when spoken to. He is kind to all but only counts a few select individuals as true friends. What is unknown to many is that he has over eighteen years of service to the Colonial Defense Force and has turned down promotion to Major four times because he has no desire to command large air groups.

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