Mike Kent

Mike "Skeeter" Kent

Mike "Skeeter" Kent is a characters from Battleground Colonies.

Mike Kent was born in the small town of Freedom on Sagitarron. His father David Kent was the town mechanic and his mother Sandra was the town doctor.

When Mike was less than a year old his mother died in a car accident. His father brought him up around cars and from an early age he developed a love for finding out how they worked, which in years to come would develop into becoming a mechanic himself and a love of fast cars and semi-pro speed racing.

During his childhood he became firm friends with Mark Hunter. One day when they were both at school they saw a bunch of kids picking on Danny Maples, the two friends barged in and defended the boy who would become one of their best friends.

When Mark left Freedom for Caprica, Mike, now known as Skeeter and Danny became best friends and were inseperable. When Skeeter left school he started work with his father in his garage. At Eighteen Mike's father died and he inherited his father's buisness as well as a large amount of money that Mike didn't even know his father had. Mike hired Danny to help him in his garage.

When Danny's mother who had looked after him all his life died, Skeeter gave Danny the apartment above the garage they worked in and made sure his friend was well taken care of.

At twenty one Skeeter met Alice at one of his speedway races and the two fell in love. Two years later the two became engaged and she took over as Freedom's new doctor. Life for Skeeter for the next two years was perfect, he had his own successful business and he was set to marry the woman of his dreams. On the way back from his championship winning speedway race Skeeter and Alice were involved in a terrible car crash that took the life of Alice. Skeeter spiraled out of control quickly, drinking, gambling and getting involved in questionable people. When the man who had caused the accident was found not guilty in court and set free Skeeter tracked him down, he would either kill the man who had robbed him of the love of his life or die trying. Archangel who was on shore leave at the time to try and help his friend found him after he had had a fight with the man. As he was about to hit Skeeter on the head with a metal pipe Archangel shot and killed the man to save his friend.

Ove the next couple of months Skeeter managed to turn his life back around but never recovered fully from the death of Alice. Both Skeeter and Danny helped each other with their respective losses and by the time of the attack were both running one of the most successful businesses in Freedom.

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