Monastic Monothestic Colonial Church
Monad Church (Basic Symbol) 01
Affiliation: United Empire of the 13 Colonies
Commanding Navy/Military: Soldiers of the One
Date of Foundation: June 10, 1994
Capitol City: New Zion (New Gemenon)

2nd Nazareth (New Tauron)

Unit of Currency: None churches economy is solely dependent on the gold Imperial Cubit
Central/Main Species: Human (Earth & Colonial)


Current Members/Soldiers: Nearly 5 Million
Organization/Military Divisions: Holy Council (Head of all Divisions)
  • STO (Military Branch)
  • Biological Android Research Coalition (Science Branch)
Central Leader(s): Blessed Mother (central religious leader)
Commanding Officer(s): Various STO Human and Cylon commanders throughout the colonies
For the RDM Equivialent of the Church see Monad Church

The Monastic Monotheistic Colonial Church also known more commonly as the Monad Church for short is one of the central religious organizations within the Imperial Union of the 13 Colonies. A strong combination of fundamental Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, and at least 10 other monotheistic belief systems, during the Colonial Empires height of brutally imposed polytheistic zealotry the Monad Church became the symbol of religious unity and freedom throughout the 13 Colonies.

Throughout the Churches long history it had gained many nicknames by the public most notably "The New Orange Church" as a partial joke of Brian Herbert's novel Dune which mentions a New Orange Catholic Bible which also contained various religions united under one text. As to which many younger members were known as "Citrus".

Finally due to its incredibly strong ties to the 2nd Cylon Empire the Monad Church had earned a powerful political position within the Colonial social structure.

History Edit

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