Ensign Nalani 'Hawk' Haukea is a charcter from Wes Imlay's Survival of the Battlestar Stryker.


Nalani was born twenty - four years before the fall in the city of Fort Hawkins on Aquaria. She is the second of three children and the only girl. Her father, Kaleo Haukea, was an engineer with Baldwin Avionics. Her mother,Leilani Haukea, worked as tour guide on nearby Marco Island. She has an older sister, Kiana, and a younger brother, Kimo, that she keeps in touch with when she has not been busy with flight operations on the Stryker. She graduated from Culloden Academy before she took a year off before attending the Aquaria Military Academy where it took her five years to graudate.

Her initial assignment was to the Battlestar Stryker, an Orion Class Battlestar (Refit). She was given the call sign 'Hawk', a play on her last name.

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