Neveah Ratliff, command call Nev, is a character from Allen Knott's Battlestar Leonidas (Story). She is base on the charatcers of the same name from Wes Imlay's Battlestar Victorious, Neveah Ratliff (D5)


Neveah Joanna Ratliff was born on Caprica twenty-nine years BTF, the only daughter of Dylan Ratliff. Her father was a major player in the Colonial film industry, Neveah grew up in the glamorour life one would expect in a world of fame and fortune. She got her first break at the age of thirteen when she had her first major role in the film 'Tarah'. From there she would star in a long list of teen movies before moving on to other types of roles.

Volume Four: The Calm before the StormEdit

Chapter Two: Neveah Ratliff and Joandra Zavia, comes aboard the Battlestar Marathon to meets with the Admiral Arthur Wallace. She is their to spy on Admiral Wallace for President Adar and Admiral Corman. Who is holding a sex tape over her and then Joandra reveal that Nveeah had another one with her and Joandra on it.


Arthur WallaceEdit

While Arthur and Nev, relationship start off on the wrong foot, she did kisses him at the end of Chapter 2, Volume 4.


BTSCW is Before the Second Cylon War

Tarah - 16 BTSCW

5th Avenue Bus - 16 BTSCW

Underfunded - 16 BTSCW

Operation Raptor Talon- 15 BTSCW

Weekend at Caprica Beach - 15 BTSCW

Lost on Scorpia - 15 BTSCW

A vs. G - 15 BTSCW

The Girl in the Road - 14 BTSCW

A Window to the Past -14 BTSCW

An Unlocked Window - 13 BTSCW

Quality of Life - 13 BTSCW

The House - 12 BTSCW

Netherworld - 12 BTSCW

The Siege - 11 BTSCW

Here There Be Monsters -11 BTSCW

Valley of the Shadow -11 BTSCW

Misbegotten - 10 BTSCW

Dead Men Tell Tales - 10 BTSCW

Cycle of Violence -9 BTSCW

The Daystalker- 9 BTSCW

The Last Goodbye 9 - BTSCW

Vanguard - 8 BTSCW

Coming Home 8 - BTSCW

Forbidden Fruit - 7 BTSCW

Into the Heart of Darkness - 7 BTSCW

In Dreams - 7 BTSCW

Never the Bride - 7 BTSCW

Flip of the Coin - 6 BTSCW

Bad Judgment - 6 BTSCW

The Avenging Angel 6 BTSCW

Breaking and Entering 6 BTSCW

Bad Blood - 5 BTSCW

The Avenging Angel II - 5 BTSCW

Son of Sagittaron - 5 BTSCW

Good Soldier - 5 BTSCW

Sins of Omission - 4 BTSCW

The Hunter - 4 BTSCW

The Avenging Angel III - 4 BTSCW

Friendly Fire - 4 BTSCW

Partners in Crime - 3 BTSCW

Noble Causes - 3 BTSCW

Trust Me - 2 BTSCW

Old Friends - 2 BTSCW

The Hunter II - 1 BTSCW

The Avenging Angel IV - 1 BTSCW

The Cursed Boat - 1 BTSCW

In the Heart of Darkness - 0 BTSCW

The Return of the Cylon - Was in pre - production when the Cylon attack tooks place.

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