New Cap City (Night)

New Cap City is a fantastical virtual recreation of Caprica City for modern day holoband users to experience. In part a reproduction of the Caprican city, New Cap City features a darker atmosphere, more fantastical elements (such as made up Earth tribes to contrast with Colonial nations) and allows holoband users to engage in violent, gangster-style game play.

While being pure fantasy (historically speaking) New Cap City does follow real world physics, while minimising some of the consequences that anti-social behaviour would have if otherwise conducted in reality. As such charges of promoting promiscuity, drug use, violence and being wholly responsible for the moral decline of Caprica today (from which most subscriptions originate) have been levelled by outraged commentators and religous groups. New Cap City does have users from other Colonies who form their own 'leagues' within the environment, along with expansion zones that fantastically visualise bygone Virgon and Leonis, but is seen still as a primarily Caprican entertainment product. This artical focuses on the in-game features, lore and users of New Cap City.

Accessing New Cap CityEdit

Holoband users typically 'quickstart' their experience by arriving in New Cap City via a tunnel network that lands them in the heart of Downtown and the city centre or at specific locales (businesses). Public transport including elevated rail network, cable car, buses along with private elevators and taxis allow users to then travel around the City. Premium and expansion users have the opportunity to arrive via train or airship which are typically 'V-club-esque' introductory 'missions' giving people a chance to find friends and business partners before taking up a City adventure.

Locales Edit


Flight simulator and skill set modifiers can be found at the Airfield- a sprawling complex involving both concreted and rough ground runways, landing sites and taxi-ways. Huge hangars, numerous fueling stations and various terminals cater to all kind of flyer. Police Auto-gyros patrol the sky with a tendancy to 'shoot then arrest the survivors' giving the area a 'high derez rate', but the frequent opportunity to dogfight or enlist aboard a Dreadnaught still attracts many users.

Tinsel HillsEdit

On the outskirts of New Cap City beyond the depressed boroughs and factory lands- essentially out of town- is a rarefied environment modelled on the glitzy mountain suburbs Caprica's celebrity set lived, loved and lost their heads in. Gated communities, mansions and studios dominate the winding roads that stretch out up and down the hilly range that itself acts as a natural border for the City. Famous users will typically throw exclusive subsription parties here- if not at the city centre clubs they own- and the area is only rivalled by 'Lakeside' as a reward zone. V-match tie ins mean both legitimate and hacked parks and clubs open onto or exist within the Tinsel Hills environment.

Factory LandEdit

Metropolis (Downtown)Edit

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